Get Involved — Volunteer!

When adults volunteer, all students benefit! There are many opportunities for parents and community members to get involved!  Your help is needed!  Complete the Volunteer Interest form and we will be in touch with you.




Please when you volunteer, remember these few guidelines:


  • Be a volunteer with character. Demonstrate loyalty, trustworthiness and fairness in all school-related matters.


  • Loyal volunteers abide by the rules of the school and work cooperatively with the staff. School employees are responsible for adhering to school policies. Any criticism of the school,staff or procedures should be brought up with the PTA Co-Presidents, not friends or personsoutside the school. The same goes true when working with other PTA volunteers.


  • Trustworthy volunteers keep all classroom work and information confidential. Your knowledge gained through classroom participation is privileged and must only be shared with responsible faculty members.


  • Fair volunteers advocate equally for all children. Treat all children with the same respect and care. Each teacher deserves our respect and support regardless of teaching style and methods. Other PTA volunteers should be treated with respect as well.